An eyeliner tattoo is created by applying ink along the water line with a tattooing technique to create an eyeliner illusion. It’s a treatment that eliminates the need for daily eyeliner application. The ink is permanent, although it needs retouch every 3-5 years. Eyeliner tattoos come in several forms, ranging from incredibly thin and natural-looking lines to thicker.

The procedure starts with a template so you can determine which styles suit your eye shape the best. The designer uses less-permanent ink as a type of trial run for a final style.

The advantages of getting an eyeliner tattoo include not using makeup and improving your eye shape. In terms of aesthetic treatments, the procedure lasts around two to five years before requiring a touch-up, which is rather long. Finally, this process does not require eyelashes. It is a popular treatment for patients with sparse lashes, hair loss, and alopecia who want to enhance their eye area.

The method for tattooing eyeliner is relatively safe, but you must choose a certified specialist you can trust. It’s advisable to check with your dermatologist first to see if you’re a good candidate. Individuals may experience adverse responses to the dyes employed, irritation as a result of the operation, or end up with an unsatisfactory appearance.

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