3D Brow Tattoos or Combination Brows

3D brows and common brows involve a combination of microblading and powdering or microshading. While microblading is used to make the strokes, the shading adds fullness to it, which is where 3D brows get their name. As a result, it gives the best hair stroke effects compared to microblading alone.

3D brows come in many different combinations, but the three most popular ones are:

-Signature. This is a powdering job done from the front to the top of the brow in order to give the brows a softer look and a more vivid definition to the arch.
-Natural. This is a microblading job of the whole brow with a light amount of shading in between the strokes.
-Bold. The microblading job is done only to the front of the brow, and then the rest of the body is shaded in.

Unlike microblading alone, 3D brows tend to last between two and four years. However, some cosmetologists recommend that clients come back for a color touchup between every six and 15 months.

The consultation procedure is about the same as that for microblading. It also involves figuring out the exact center spot of your face, measuring the space between your eyes, and then sketching the brows. The procedure typically takes up to two and a half hours.
3D brows are recommended for clients who have oily skin. Excessive skin oil can fade a standalone microblading job faster.

Like with microblading, many clients report feeling a slight discomfort or pressure due to the numbing cream.

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