Lip blush is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to improve the color and contour of your lips and provide the illusion of increased fullness. This is accomplished by tattooing colored ink to enhance the overall appearance. The wash of color provides a natural appearance.

Similar to lip fillers, this technique increases the color of your lips and gives the appearance of larger lips without physically adding volume. Unlike a traditional tattoo applied with a needle, lip blushing is applied using a tiny blade. Each cut is inked. You can continue adding layers of color until you achieve the desired effect. It is usually performed in multiple sessions until the desired outcomes are obtained.

Lip blushing should always be performed by a licensed tattoo artist or aesthetician. The level of discomfort has been regarded as minor. Typically, a topical anesthetic is administered for around 20 minutes to numb the lips. The technician will then draw the form of your desired lips. You can accentuate your cupid’s bow or create a more symmetrical appearance for your lips.

Often, ink is deposited on the sides of the lips, as these areas end up losing their natural color with age. Your expert will walk you through the steps they want to take, and you will have the opportunity to make any necessary changes and adjustments before they commence.

You may suffer swelling, redness, and bruising following the operation, which should take around an hour. You can assist minimize swelling by applying ice or a cold compress. Avoid smoking, and inform your technician in advance if you’ve had a history of cold sores.