While often combined, the lash lift and tint are actually two different procedures. The lash lift mimics the curler, like a perm to your lashes. On the other hand, the tint is an imitation of applying several coats of mascara. The tinting simply darkens and intensifies the lash color. That’s done with a cream-based dye.

First, we cleanse and separate your top from your bottom lashes. Then we apply the top lashes with the help of a silicone patch and comb them into place. Then the perming solution is applied for the lashes to take their shape. A few minutes later, the setting solution is applied to seal the shape. The procedure typically lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.

The lift and tint is designed to make lashes look fuller, darker, and/or thicker. It tends to look particularly luscious on naturally red and blonde lashes.

How your lash lift is done depends on your lashes’ natural texture, shape, and direction. It’s a very popular procedure for clients with flat or downward lashes. Most clients notice a more open, brighter, and awake look.

During the consultation, we discuss the result that you want to have, whether it’s a cat’s eye, more curviness, etc.

Lash lifts typically last between six to eight weeks, depending on your lash’s natural growth.

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