The difference between ombre brows, microblading, and microshading is that ombre brows involve blending with a pencil. It is designed to make the body of the brow look darker than the arch. As a result, ombre brows are often thought of as brow highlights. Ombre helps to make the brow even more natural-looking than microshading.
Ombre brows are popular with many of our clients because they give the most natural look. It is great for all skin types.

However, you need to consult with a doctor first if you:

  • are currently pregnant
  • have cancer
  • have diabetes
  • have a blood or autoimmune disorder
  • have epilepsy
  • are on blood thinners
  • have hypertension
  • have had an organ transplant

The ombre procedure can take up to three hours. This is due to the up to 40-minute wait time for the topical numbing cream to set in. Many clients report feeling a slight discomfort due to the skin being scraped away.

Ombre brows last between three and five years. However, touchups are recommended between four and eight weeks after your first procedure. This is due to the quick flaking off of the microblading job. As a result, we recommend that you book that appointment on the same day that you have your initial procedure done. We don’t make the results official until after the first touchup.

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