Niermala Badrising
20:44 10 May 22
Had done microshading in February 2022 which was relatively OK..decent level of professional service.However, her follow up service for touch up has not been up to par at all! After different i.e. 3 communications over period of a month on required touch up a non-responsive behavior seems to be obvious. Disappointing service and will not be inclined to refer her to my professional or social network.
Angel Babay
21:32 21 Feb 22
I am very happy with Rozita, i waited for her for about one year although there is a lot of artists in my neighborhood doing this but i really wanted Rozita touch my face, i love my eyebrows now what she did over my old tattoo, my lips were pale before and i had to put lipstick all the times but now my lips are so nice light pink, she is very professional and clean, I definitely recommend her.
Sura Alsheikhly
18:51 13 Feb 22
I saw both my friends’ eyebrows and I really liked them. I decided to do mine. The results are really amazing. This is my first time doing micro blading . Rozita is really patient, she chose the best shape and color that fit my face. I highly recommend her to everyone. If you want to do natural & beauty look at the same time.THANK YOU!
Maya Alwassi
22:49 12 Feb 22
Rozita the best she is very professional mine was difficult bc i dont have eye brow hair n the previous shape wasn't right she spent so much time to fix it n came with very nice result.. So thank you Rozita i can't wait to see you for my touch up again.. Also Nora very sweet welcome girl.. I highly recommend the place. They very Professionals, clean, n they explain all the process. Thanks again guys
Amani Alhumaidi
17:40 10 Feb 22
She is amazing and does a very good job. I am very satisfied.
Hosni Ben Khalifa
00:36 08 Feb 22
Thanks so much Rosita I love it. You are such a great artist., and very professional
Fatou N
23:33 07 Feb 22
I really appreciate Rosita, she is very professional, nice and I do recommend it to everybody.And the place is nice and clean.🙏👌
sepi mehman
08:01 29 Jan 22
Shabnam Marandlooei
14:21 27 Jan 22
I got my brows done by Rozita 2 years ago and I am so thankful I did! Such an amazing experience and truly life changing. Rozita is very excellent and she knows what she is doing , very professional and kind. if you’re thinking about going to Reshape to have your brows microbladed, DO IT!- Shabnam
Veronica Razo
01:03 21 Jan 22
I loooved the work Rozita did! She is so great! She is very knowledgeable in the work she does and made me feel comfortable the entire time. Now I can just get up and go and no more time spent on make up. Thank you Rozita! I love my new make-up!!!
Amy B.
14:47 07 Jan 22
I am understandably very picky about microblading because it is essentially a tattoo on your face and is difficult to correct. Rozita was so precise and fastidious in her measurements, and checked with me multiple times before moving forward. She also recommended the perfect color. While she was working, she kept checking in to see if I was okay with the pain level, which I thought was very nice. She has great style overall too, which isn’t a requirement for her craft, but which I appreciated nonetheless. I love my new brows and I would recommend Rozita to all my family and friends!
B Pashmaki
21:18 23 Dec 21
Rozita is amazing, she is the Top notch of los angeles permanent makeup artist. i highly recommend her fot microblading.
Elham Taheri
00:53 18 Dec 21
Rozita did my eyebrows about a month ago and since then everyone at my office is telling me how great it looks and they all want to know the Artist behind the work. Her work actually improves after the initial two weeks and looks so natural and perfect for the face. You can trust her judgment and artistic skills and you won’t regret it.
Lisa Morton
20:45 10 Dec 21
Rozita was extremely professional and my brows and liner look great!! Would highly recommend her services.
Julie Sullivan
20:47 09 Dec 21
Always so beautiful. Makes me feel confident and young. So happy I found you.
Katherine Kazmin
03:35 07 Dec 21
Rozita is wonderful! Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a makeup artist! Very professional and amazing results.
Israa Omran
18:33 04 Dec 21
Rozita is amazing! she is really nice and committed to her work,she’s always want the best and make her clients happy ,satisfied with the result,Clean place, totally recommend.
Parisa Javaheri
13:39 01 Dec 21
I am very satisfied to choose Rozina for my Eyebrew. Her work of art is extraordinary. It’s been more than a year and I still get compliments from friends and family as how beautiful my Eyebrew looks like.
Farinaz Sadeghzadeh
16:45 29 Nov 21
She is a professional artist, you always want to find a top notch for these type of services .
Vanessa Gonzalez
17:54 26 Nov 21
I am so happy about my eyebrows! I was nervous about micro blading but they look so natural and like mine, but better! @mastermakeupartist was so thoughtful and mindful of making sure I knew every step and that I was comfortable. Super professional, friendly and clean!
mahsa peiravi
18:30 11 Nov 21
She is truly an artist ! she has been doing my eyebrows for more than 7 years . She always pay attention to what you really want & very patient with all my requests, I highly recommend her ! I got my first touch up after more than 6 month and still they look good. she did an amazing job
Sepideh g
13:35 11 Nov 21
If you are looking for a best eyebrow microblading service, I highly recommend Rozita! She is so pationate and talented. I really wish I could give her thousand starts ❤
terricea david-jean
21:43 06 Nov 21
Truly professional and excellent work/ craftmanship. It's excellent when you get what you ask for and that's what she provides.
I had my eyeliner and eyebrows !!! I’m so happy with the results. Rozita is excellent!!!! I recommend her 100%.
Medisa Kazemi
17:48 05 Nov 21
Really great eyebrow threading service!! I definitely recommend.
R Hussain
14:23 05 Nov 21
Rozita is extremely professional and takes the time time ensure a high quality outcome. I have unusual, mismatched brows - she took nearly an hour and multiple iterations to get the right shape BEFORE beginning to micro blade. She had to change the shape because of a lower quality microblading shape someone else did. She is excellent at shaping and ensuring the aesthetic of the overall look matched your face and preferences.
B Osorio
23:34 04 Nov 21
Very responsive when trying to contact her. When I arrive she asked me to remove my shoes before fully entering in order to maintain a cleanly area where she is providing services from. She did a great job with threading my eyebrows and she recommended a Few services to think about. I ended up getting a lash lift and I’m very happy with the result. She showed knowledge and she was careful working so closely to my eyes. Over all very happy. I definitely recommend.
Nora Sindi
02:42 04 Nov 21
I highly recommend this place, Rozita meet my expectations. I had been trying around the area but no one exceed the best services they could offer. Rozita is very accommodating that includes checking on you, after the service. I definitely found a home for my microblading. I appreciate the great services! Rozita is awesome.
Lisa Sarbacher
21:26 03 Nov 21
Rozita does an amazing job!! I love her services Extremely professional. If you haven't checked her out yet Please do!!! I promise you you won't go wrong!! You'll be in love!:)
Nadi Iyad
16:38 03 Nov 21
Rozita is the best, I did microblading and touch up once with her and eyeliner. Im so happy. I like the service and how she took her time for consultation before she do anything. I have sent a lot friends to her and everyone is happy. I do recommend her.
Bobby Hangliter
13:23 03 Nov 21
Rozita’s work is second to none. She is professional and a perfectionist. Hands down, the best in the area.
Sara kourangi
01:23 03 Nov 21
Rozita is so professional. She did great job on my eyebrows, so natural.,my lips looks so great.Thanks Rozita
Hugo Dash
00:53 02 Nov 21
nadia dellawar
20:28 01 Nov 21
Great artist with an eye for details. I went to her for my eyebrows to have corrections done and she took her time to listen and made minor changes, making a big difference. I am extremely happy with her services and professionalism
Rico Bear
19:30 01 Nov 21
Came for lip blush touch up from original done a year ago by Rozita and left with touch up and new eyeliner tattoo. Soo happy I came. Drove an hour away because she is 100% worth the drive and cost. Was second guessing the eyeliner but decided beauty and a youthful look was worth it! Thanks again. 🥰
Mahshid Moshrefi
02:54 28 Oct 21
Nashwa Rizkalla
23:12 26 Oct 21
Rozita’s line work is impeccable and I am absolutely in love with my brows. Her friendliness and yet professionalism made the whole process smooth and just wonderful. This is my second time using her service and I would recommend her to anyone who desires beautiful eyebrows!
salima sayari
22:14 26 Oct 21
Rozita is the best artist. She takes her time to shape the eyebrows before microblading. I did lip tint and eyeliner with her as well she did amazing job on my face. I went back to her for my annual touch up and I’m very happy with my face. I wake up and don’t look washed out ready to go no makeup. I definitely recommend her to everyone who don’t have time to do makeup or don’t know much about makeup.
Tina Rahni
20:15 26 Oct 21
Rozita is the absolutely the best. She is so clean and perfect artist, also very kind and professionalism. I love my new eyebrows so much and I am so glad I found her, and will never consider going to anyone else!
17:51 26 Oct 21
Rozita takes pride in what she does and it shows in her approach to her career. Her place of business is squeaky clean. Not only is she a very good professional, but she is charming and considerate. I highly recommend her. MMC
Fariba Azizi
20:30 24 Oct 21
I had microblading with Rozita in April. I’m so impressed by her amazing work on my brows. They look so natural and I really don’t need any eye makeup anymore. Rozita is very skilled and well professional. She’s a true master makeup artist. I highly recommend her.
Layla Katharina
00:23 24 Oct 21
Rozita is an expert at what she does! I originally met Rozita when my eyebrows were extremely thin. Rozita knew what to do and we let my eyebrows grow out for a while. Once they grew out, she then shaped them to fit my facial features exactly. I have been coming to her for eyebrow threading ever since.Not only does Rozita do eyebrow shaping, she also does permanent makeup, lash lifts and more! Rozita is one of those people that simply knows how to make you look amazing! I also admire her passion for what she does.For every appointment her salon is always clean, she has music playing in the background, and always makes you feel welcomed.Rozita always wears a mask and practices COVID-19 safety guidelines.I would highly recommend her services to anyone!
amir bazgir
01:36 23 Oct 21
Mrs. Rozita is absolutely talented and expert. Highly recommend.
Lida Mes
23:07 22 Oct 21
She is great. I am completely satisfied with her job
Russell Karkoska
10:03 18 Oct 21
I am SO THRILLED to have Rozita back in the DMV area!! I swear I receive compliments on my eyebrows EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yesterday, one hip 60-something old lady asked me "why do your eyebrows look better than mine?" My response ~ I booked with Rozita aka Master Makeup Artist, LLC.
theoni shahi
19:33 17 Oct 21
I always had thin eyebrows growing up and I finally wanted to try microblading. I found Master Makeup Artist and was so excited to try it out. Rozita is welcoming and provides her services in a nice cool room with very relaxing music. After she put the numbing cream on, she took her time doing the process of mapping out my new brows. I’m shocked to see how natural and beautiful they turned out after hearing. She advised me on what color she to choose so it would compliment my hair color. I got a fill in 6-8 weeks later for a touch up and she went over the hairs that faded away due to the natural oils in my face. I would definitely recommend Master Makeup Artist to anyone looking for full brows. I get a lot of compliments!
anna brockman
16:50 17 Oct 21
Amazing experience! Rozita is the absolute best. Can't beat her work, kindness and professionalism. I'd never consider going to anyone else!
gordana zuber
20:51 15 Oct 21
Rozita is amazing! I love my new eyebrows. Shape and color is just perfect. Definitely recommended ❤
Victoria Anders
20:54 13 Sep 21
Rozita is the best makeup artist around DC! She is professional, clean, and fun. I’ve had microblading for eyebrows, as well as lash lift and tint done with her and could not have been more happy with the results. Her prices are also very fair for the quality of her products and service. You can’t go wrong!
Karen Scott
16:19 13 Sep 21
Rozita is amazing. I have been going to her for microblading and touch up for 2 years. She consistently does an amazing job. Her work is transformative! Having your eyebrows microbladed and permanent make up applied can be an exercise in trust- you don't want to go to just anyone! Rozita is fantastic and I highly recommend her 👌
Michelle Roach
16:35 12 Sep 21
Rozita had to go over someone else’s work for my mircoblading eyebrows and she did exactly what I requested in making sure that my eyebrows looked thicker and natural. I don’t wear makeup so my eyebrows are very important and she understood that! She took her time and made sure I am happy with her work and she explained the process which helped me understand how to care for my eyebrows. I am absolutely in love with my eyebrows. I also did my eyeliner which complimented my eyebrows which she suggested and I am so glad that I got both services because they look sooooOOO beautiful!! I definitely recommend her to everyone!! She is so great!!
Rita Khawand
16:33 10 Sep 21
I was contemplating whether I should do this or not for about 2 years. My worries started with how painful it would be and ended with whether I would be making the right decision or not by doing my brows because I am the type of person who does not like “unnatural” ness on myself. Needless to say, I did it! And I love my brows! The pain I worried about was far less than I anticipated and the result is 100% worth it. Rozita did an amazing job on my brows and I am very happy I decided to do them with her! She is professional, kind, and will not make you worry throughout the whole process. Highly highly recommend. Thank me later
Nicole Lewis
15:46 10 Sep 21
I’m so happy with my new brows! Rozita did an excellent job helping decide what shape, shade and style would be best for me! I wanted a natural look and as a blonde was hesitant how it would look on me. I LOVE it snd this will remove one thing of of my daily checklist so I can “wake up like this!” 🤪💕
Farah Omran
00:11 09 Sep 21
I cannot say enough about Rozita. She is very professional and informative on what is she doing. The place is very clean. I consider her #1 in DC area! I wish I can give her more than 5 stars. I always get compliments about my eyebrows, they look phenomenal 🙂 thank you so much Rozita for the amazing work!!!
azade` khojaste`
03:04 08 Sep 21
Ghezal Sherdil
16:50 04 Sep 21
I brought my mom here after a horrible job done at several different places and we are extremely happy with the results. My moms eyebrows look extremely natural and even. Rozita was extremely professional and talented. Would 100% recommend her services you will not be disappointed.
Jennifer Argueta
02:40 19 Aug 21
Mina Garman
23:03 14 Aug 21
Extremely Professional and friendly. We spoke at length beforehand as I am very much of a baby 😩when it comes to pain tolerance. . I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to have these service done.
Amim Zarifsanayei
03:52 14 Aug 21
Rozita Ebneali is a professional Artist. she is the best in permanent make up. I recommended my mother to get her eyebrows done as well. Shes so happy too.
21:12 13 Aug 21
Rozita is amazing! I’m so happy I discovered her because she is so talented! If you are looking for natural beautiful eyebrows, she is your girl. I was really nervous at first but she was so patient with me and made sure I was comfortable with everything. I’m so happy with the results and definitely give Rozita 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️